Aunt Tilly
Aunt Tilly
Background information
Movies Unknown
Short Films Unknown
Television Programs Sofia the First

Video Games Unknown
Voice Bonnie Hunt
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Other names Duchess Matilda

Duchess Tilly

Miss Tilly

Personality Joyful, kind, whimsical, adventurous, funny, brave
Goal Unknown
Allies Sir Bartleby, Baileywick, The Giant, Wilbur the Wombeast, Spruce, Ballerina, Muck, Gunk and Grime, Merida
Enemies Wilbur the Wombeast (formerly) Prince Roderick
Likes Adventures, baking pies, her brother, her nieces and nephew, Sir Bartleby, one of a kind things, knitting
Dislikes Unknown
Quotes "What a whiz bang idea!"

"Things aren't always as they seem, Sofia."

"It's okay, it's okay, Sofia. I'm sure you'll come up with a solution."

(sings) "Because, my dear, it's up to you."

Aunt Tilly is a character who appears in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First, voiced by Bonnie Hunt who voiced many Pixar roles. She is Sofia's whimsical and adventurous step-aunt and King Roland's older sister who is a Duchess and a brave adventurer.

Background Edit

Being an adventurer, Tilly has seen and done many incredible things such as ride a giant and teach a dragon to knit. Aside from her bravery she is known to be whimsical, always looking on the positive side of things and whenever there is a problem she always has a trick or two up her sleeve. During her adventures she carries an umbrella and a Carpet Bag that is possibly magical because of its ability to hold more items than it should.

Personality Edit

In many ways, Tilly is the complete opposite of her younger brother. Unlike Roland who judges people and things by appearences and preconceptions to the point of being gullible when it comes to disguises, Tilly knows that appearences can be decieving as shown when she tells Sofia "Things aren't always what they seem." She is shown to be quite open-minded. Like Sofia, Tilly loves magic to the point where her knowledge of it far outstrips her brother's and because of this Tilly, unlike Roland, knows how to use magical objects. Unlike Roland, Amber, and James, Tilly also knows how to be self-sufficent. 

Physical Appearance Edit

Tilly has a cape with flower-like crests, a red dress with red-orange buttons, puffed sleeves, a large skirt for the dress and dark brown boots. She has green eyes and blonde hair that's tied in a small ponytail and wears a giant hat tied up with a large red bow. She carries about a yellow umbrella and a yellow carpet bag. As a Duchess, she wears a cobalt dress with teal flowers, a tiara, and hair in a bun.

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