Disney's Villains Revenge

Disney's Villains' Revenge is a 1999 point-and-click computer game released by Disney Interactive for the CD-ROM.

Plot Edit

The game begins as Jiminy Cricket hosts a storytime session consisting of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. He soon gets bored reading the same stories he's read several times before, and decides to instead challenge the player to match each story with its ending. However, the Blue Fairy appears and warns Jiminy that by ripping out the happy endings, the stories were left unresolved, allowing the respective villains - The Evil Queen, Captain Hook, the Ringmaster, and The Queen of Hearts - to take over and rewrite their respective stories to ensure their victories over the heroes. The Blue Fairy transforms the book's cover into a portal, allowing Jiminy and the player to venture into the stories to make amends.

Each story and their worlds have been drastically altered by the villains. Snow White and the seven dwarves have been imprisoned by the Evil Queen and The Prince does not exist to awaken Snow from the sleeping death curse. The Queen forces Snow into eating her poisoned apple and then proceeds to put the dwarves to sleep as well. Dumbo is forced to perform a humiliating high dive act over and over to entertain the villainous audience and his mother Mrs. Jumbo is tied up beneath the cirus ring. In Wonderland, Alice has been beheaded by the Queen of Hearts and separated from her body, so the player, Jiminy and the White Rabbit have to reunite them and then escape the Queen's hedge maze. Peter Pan has become a decrepit old man and can't win a duel against Captain Hook. The player takes up Peter's sword and duels Hook til he falls off his ship into the sea.

After restoring the true endings, the player and Jiminy are confronted by the four villains who invade the player's bedroom and each take one of the happy ending pages. The player uses the storybook as a shield, systematically destroying the villains' forces until they are defeated. The Blue Fairy returns, adding a new tale to the book called "A Villain's Night Out" that describes the events of the game.

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