Tracklist Edit

  1. DJ Shuffle (Parry Gripp)
  2. Sofia the First Theme Song (Sofia the First)
  3. Blue Ribbon Bunny (Sofia the First)
  4. Friendship is the Formula (Sofia the First)
  5. Hoppin' Out With You (Sofia the First)
  6. Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Swashbucklin' Version) (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)
  7. Roll Up the Map (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)
  8. Down in the Bubbly Blue (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)
  9. Swamp Stomp (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)
  10. Time for Your Check Up (Doc McStuffins)
  11. Ready for Action (Doc McStuffins)
  12. Picture You (Doc McStuffins)
  13. Stuffy the Great (Doc McStuffins)
  14. Hot Dog! (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  15. Choo Choo Boogie (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  16. Minnie's Bowtique (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  17. Henry Hugglemonster Title Theme (Henry Hugglemonster)
  18. I've Got Pizzazz (Henry Hugglemonster)
  19. To Monsterschool (Henry Hugglemonster)
  20. The Hugglemonster Way (Henry Hugglemonster)
  21. Heromonsters Woohoo! (Henry Hugglemonster)
  22. Sheriff Callie's Wild West Theme Song (Sheriff Callie's Wild West)
  23. Picture Perfect (Sheriff Callie's Wild West)
  24. Amazing Lucky Scarf (Sheriff Callie's Wild West)
  25. Ask for Help (Sheriff Callie's Wild West)
  26. DJ Shuffle (Instrumental)
  27. Blue Ribbon Bunny (Instrumental)
  28. Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Swashbucklin' Version) (Instrumental)
  29. Time for Your Checkup (Instrumental)
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