Background information
Movies A Bug's Life
Short Films Unknown
Television Programs Unknown

Video Games Unknown
Voice Hayden Panettiere
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Other names Spot

Personality Friendly, feisty, determined, brave, sweet, clumsy
Goal To help and support Flik
Allies Flik, her older sister Princess Atta, her mother The Queen, Circus Bugs, Dr. Flora, Mr. Soil, Thorny, Cornelius, Molt, the Blueberries, the ant boys, any ant in the colony
Enemies Hopper, Molt (formerly), Thumper, the grasshoppers, the Bird
Likes Flik, his inventions, flying
Dislikes Being small, danger, not being able to fly, Flik being banished by her mother and sister, Hopper, Thumper
Quotes "It's payback time! Blueberry style!"

"Not until my wings grow in."

"Please ma'am wake up! Wake up!"

(struggling one last time to fly) "Come on wings, fly. Fly!"

(as she sees Flik and the circus bugs trudge off) (sadly as she reaches out and being stop by her kindly mother) "Flik....."

Dot is the tritagonist in Disney/Pixar's 1998 film A Bug's Life. She is voiced by Hayden Panettiere .

Background Edit

Dot is the younger daughter of the Queen of the Ant Colony and is a princess. Her older sister, Atta, is the heir to the throne. Dot is initially Flik's only friend and supporter. She is a member of the Blueberries, a group similar to a scout troop. Like her sister and mother, she has wings, but they are not fully grown in due to her age. By the end of the film, however, she is capable of flight.

Personality Edit

Dot idolizes Flik and hates being small. She compliments Flik's ideas and helps and convinces him a number of times during the film. Dot fears the demented grasshopper Thumper, whom Hopper uses as a punishment. However, she eventually conquers her fear of Thumper when she smacks him on the face and has Dim scare him away.

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