Enchanted Soundtrack

The Enchanted Soundtrack is a CD of the music from the film Enchanted. It was released on November 20, 2007 by Walt Disney Records and contains 15 audio tracks, including five original songs used in the film as well as the film's score. Orchestrated by Kevin Kliesch, Danny Troob and Blake Neely, the songs and score were conducted by Michael Kosarin and performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony. Although "Ever Ever After" was not released as a single, a music video of the song was made and is included on the CD.

Tracklist Edit

Track Title Movie Artist/Composer
1 True Love's Kiss Enchanted Amy Adams and James Marsden
2 Happy Working Song Enchanted Amy Adams
3 That's How You Know Enchanted Amy Adams
4 So Close Enchanted Jon McLaughlin
5 Ever Ever After Enchanted Carrie Underwood
6 Andalasia Enchanted Alan Menken
7 Into the Well Enchanted Alan Menken
8 Robert Says Goodbye Enchanted Alan Menken
9 Nathaniel and Pip Enchanted Alan Menken
10 Prince Edward's Speech Enchanted Alan Menken
11 Girls Gone Shopping Enchanted Alan Menken
12 Narissa Arrives Enchanted Alan Menken
13 Storybook Ending Enchanted Alan Menken
14 Enchanted Suite Enchanted Alan Menken
15 That's Amore Enchanted James Marsden
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