"Genie Chic"
Genie Chic
Season 1, Episode 6

Air date November 6th, 2015
Written by Julia Miranda
Directed by Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft
Previous episode "Lamp Sweet Lamp"
Next episode "Puffed Deliciousness"

"Genie Chic" is the seventh episode of the animated short series Descendants: Wicked World, which premiered on November 6, 2015.

Plot Edit

After being transported inside Jordan's lamp unannounced, Jordan is a little annoyed and tells them they cannot be dressed the way they are while inside her lamp. So to suit her dress code, she magically gives everyone, except Ben, new outfits. Evie loves her outfit, and while admiring her reflection in the mirror she thinks out loud about how she could adjustment it. But after Jordan glares at her she forgets all about it.

Mal, Audrey, and Freddie love their new outfits as well, and much to her surprise Freddie realizes she is in Auradon. Unknown to them all, except Freddie, there was also someone else with them and was hiding in the shadows. When they heard the stranger sneeze Freddie claims it was her, saying she's allergic to lamps. After Ben admits that he has allergies as well, Freddie begins telling him all about her father's obsession with "The Other Side". So obsessed that he knows all the Death-days of every ghost, but can never remember Freddie's Birthday. Through sly charming, Freddie manages to convince Ben into inviting her to attend Auradon Prep, much to Audrey's shock and Mal's concern.

Then before Ben can explain any preparations, Jordan interrupts as she wants them to take their little registration somewhere else, specifically away from her and not in her lamp. She tells Mal that in order to leave her lamp, she must use her last wish. Then after bidding her uninvited guests goodbye, Mal wishes they were out of the lamp and everyone poofs away.

Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode where the descendants are seen with new outfits.
  • The unknown character from "Lamp Sweet Lamp" reappears in this episode, and reveals to have curly brown hair and dressed in red.
  • When Jordan gives Audrey her new outfit, she also gives her a new hairstyle that resembles Princess Jasmine's.

Video Edit

Episode 7 Genie Chic Descendants Wicked World

Episode 7 Genie Chic Descendants Wicked World

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