Hooked on Ben
Neon Lights Ball
Season 1, Episode 18

Air date July 15th, 2016
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Previous episode "Neon Lights Out"
Next episode TBA

"Hooked on Ben" is the eighteenth upcoming episode of the animated short-series, Descendants: Wicked World. It premiered on July 15th, 2016, and is the final episode of the first season.

Plot Edit

Following CJ's unexpected appearance at the party, it is soon revealed that she was the one responsible for all the bad things that have been happening in Auradon. She kidnapped Ben and reveals him to Mal, tied up from the wrist and ankles. While Mal unties Ben, she demands to know why CJ is doing all this. The plain answer is because she is a villain, and being bad is what they do. She then moves onto revealing all the bad things she has done. She stole Jane's mascot armor and put the blame on Mal by leaving her bracelet at the scene. She tried to ruin Audrey and Ally's dress, only have her plans foiled by Mal and Evie. She stole Jay and Carlos' magic carpet, and lastly cut the DJ cords to give Freddie the spotlight as a thank you for sneaking her into Auradon.

It turns out that Freddie is CJ's partner in crime, and has been hiding her from everyone ever since they arrived in Auradon. However, partners in crime is not how Freddie sees it. CJ treats her more like a minion than a partner, and makes promises that she never keeps. Enough with being under CJ's wings, Freddie chooses to be on the side of her new friends, much to CJ's disappointment. She decides to go solo in her reign of crime and flies off on a magic carpet. Jane asks if they should go after CJ, but Mal says it can wait. For now they go back to enjoying their Neon Lights Party.

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Trivia Edit

The magic carpet that CJ rides is similar to the Carpet from Aladdin.

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Episode 18 Hooked On Ben Descendants Wicked World

Episode 18 Hooked On Ben Descendants Wicked World

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