Humiliate the Boy

"Humiliate the Boy" is a villain song that was cut from the film AladdinIt was to be performed by Jafar as he took his revenge on Aladdin by showing everybody that he wasn't really the Prince.

Reasons of the deletion of the scene Edit

It was cut partially for being too cruel, and partially because in later developpments of the movie the choice was made that the Genie could only grant three wishes to one master, while in this song Jafar makes numerous wishes in a row.

Two versions Edit

Two version were actually recorded. The earliest one features an alternate characterization for Jafar, who is more insane and over-the-top than he ended up being.  It also features an early, snobbish version of Iago with a british accent, with a more humanlike voice than the final Iago but paradoxically behaving more like a real parrot (he mostly repeats Jafar's words, although he does say a few lines of his own too). The second version, often misidentified as the demo version, features a more measured-up Jafar and a parrot-voiced Iago, although the latter is not yet voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. Interestingly, this second version uses the same storyboard as the earlier one, which leads to small inconsistencies (such as Iago sounding like the final one, but still looking like his old design, or Jafar himself still having exaggerated expressions even though talking very self-controlledly).

Lyrics Edit

JAFAR: Seize the good times!

Too bad they never last

Especially for an urchin

With a questionable past

Ah, yes, these were the good times

Hope you liked them, little friend

‘Cause here is where the good times

Most decidedly must end


IAGO: "Sir?"

JAFAR: Oh, it’s a thrill

Oh, it’s such fun

To see other fellow’s dreams

Turn into nightmares, one by one

It’s such a lark

It’s such a joy

To roll our sleeves up and humiliate the boy

Oh, it’s a kick

Oh, it’s a bash

When we remove the fancy turban

And the neatly trimmed mustache

And now let’s repossess the clothes

IAGO: D’ya think we ought too?

JAFAR: Why be coy?

C’mon, let’s do it

BOTH: Let’s humiliate the boy!

JAFAR: Once he was proud

IAGO: (Once he was proud)

JAFAR: Once he was fine

IAGO: (Once he was fine)

JAFAR: The very model of Arabian design

But such as fate

IAGO: Too bad, tsk-tsk

JAFAR: I guess he’ll have to learn the hard way

BOTH: Rubbing lamps involve some risk

JAFAR: And it’s so rich

IAGO: (So rich!)

JAFAR: And it’s so rare

IAGO: (So rare!)

JAFAR: To take his shirt, his shoes, his jewelry

IAGO: And then will thin his hair

JAFAR: Oh, we’ll emasculate him slowly

BOTH: All the better to enjoy

How delicious, to humiliate of the boy

JAFAR: What were the horses?

GENIE: They were roaches

JAFAR: And the camels?

GENIE: They were gnats

JAFAR: And the elephant?

GENIE: His monkey - and the rest of ‘em were rats

JAFAR: They were rodents?

GENIE: Yeah, diseased ones

JAFAR: Oh, how very, very sad

Change them back now! That’s an order!

Take everything you gave him

All the magic stuff away

Leave him dirty, poor, and penniless

GENIE: But, sir...

JAFAR: Do as I say!

Now let it rain!

Now let it storm!

IAGO: Now send some flies into the picture

JAFAR: ‘Bout how many?

IAGO: Oh, a sworm!

JAFAR: Now let ‘er rip

Don’t be repressed

Keep on destroying things

I’ve always felt it’s what you do the best

BOTH: Let him have it! Atta Genie!

Since you’re now in our employee

JAFAR: "It’s your pleasure to ruin him!"

IAGO: "Wreck him!"

JAFAR: "I want him neutralized!"

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