Kion's Lament
Kion's Lament
Composer Unknown

Lyrics Unknown

Performers Kion (Max Charles)
Feature Films The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Television Programs Unknown

Video Games Unknown

Albums The Lion Guard (Soundtrack)

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"Kion's Lament" is a song from The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar sung by Kion himself. For the first half, he voices his doubts as his destiny as the leader of The Lion Guard, while in the second half he resolves to do so. It serves as the musical equivlant of the first film's scene when Simba doubts his destiny as the future king.

Lyrics Edit


Why? Why even trust me at all?

They say the Guard is my call

Then come tell me I'm wrong

Now what? What should I do?

And who? Who do I turn to?

Now everything feels so upside down

Deep down, maybe I knew

It was way too good to be true

With all my friends looking up to me

Some leader I turn out to be!

[Instrumental interlude]

Maybe my journey is far from done

They need a leader, and I'm the one

So now it's time for them all to see

The lion I was born to be

It is time

To take the lead on my own

It is time

For something bigger than I've ever known

No need to wonder, the choice is done

Now I believe I truly am the one

So is it time?

Is it time?

(spoken) Yes.

It... is... time.

Trivia Edit

This song is just like the song "Save The Day" from the Sofia the First episode, "The Secret Library". Sofia doubts about being the storykeeper of the Secret Library, but Merida encourages Sofia that she needs to believe in herself to save the day. These two songs are about when someone aids you and encourages you to wipe your doubts away and to believe in yourself (Mufasa to Kion and Merida to Sofia.)

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