Background information
Movies Lady and the Tramp

101 Dalmatians (cameo)

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

Short Films Unknown
Television Programs House of Mouse

Mickey Mouse (cameo)

Once Upon A Time

Video Games Kingdom Hearts (cameo)
Voice Barbara Luddy

Patricia Parris

Jodi Benson

Portrayed by Catherine Bogdanova (Once Upon a Time)
Character information
Other names Pigeon, or Pidge for short (referred to by the Tramp)

Girl (referred to by Jim Dear)

Lassie (referred to by Jock)

Miss Lady or Miss Lady Ma'am (referred to by Trusty)

That Wicked Animal (by Aunt Sarah)

Miss Park Avenue (by Toughy)

Mom (by her children)

Personality Sweet, kind, naive, romantic, motherly, polite, ladylike, caring, compassionate, responsible
Goal Unknown
Allies Tramp, Jock, Trusty, Annette, Danielle and Collette, Scamp, Angel, Tony, Joe, Jim Dear, Darling, Jim Jr
Enemies Aunt Sarah (formerly), Si and Am, The Rat, Buster
Likes Romance, her family, her owners, the Tramp, spaghetti
Dislikes Being mistreated, being called "that dog" or "a wicked animal", being struck, cats, muzzles, The Dogcatcher, rats
Quotes "I see nice homes with yards and fences."

"It sounds wonderful."

"I can quite easily believe that."

"Oh. Tramp. He's never been chained up before. He's just a pup."

"Maybe he needs to understand today."

Oh, I love her. What a perfectly beautiful little Lady.


Lady is the pet of Jim Dear and Darling and the protagonist later true deuteragonist of Disney's 1955 animated film Lady and the Tramp and a secondary character in its 2001 sequel. She was voiced by the late Barbara Luddy.

Background Edit

Development Edit

One evening in 1937, storyman Joe Grant invited Walt over to his house for dinner and while they ate, he showed him a drawing he'd made of his pet spinger spaniel, who was also named Lady. Walt loved the drawing and suggested that Joe make a storyboard out of it. So, Joe Grant put together a pitch for a new animated film, simply titled "Lady".

This film was about a dog whose perfect life became threatened when her owner's mother-in-law and her two cats came to stay at her house, due to the fact that the cats constantly let her take the blame for mischeif that they caused. Things got further complicated for Lady after she saved her family's baby from a rat because they thought she had been trying to attack the baby and kicked her out of the house. However, after they discovered the rat's body, Lady's owners quickly brought her back home and all ended well. However, upon seeing the pitch for "Lady" in 1943, Walt, ultimately disliked the story, because he thought it was too simplistic.

Physical Description Edit

Lady is a Cocker Spaniel with dark brown colored ears and brown eyes. Most of her body is beige, with a tan muzzle and belly. As an adult, she wears a light blue collar with a diamond shaped license.

Personality Edit

Lady is rather demure and naive, but makes a good friend to those who know her and is very faithful to her family. By the sequel, she has become less naive and more motherly and responsible due to being a mother.

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