Make Way for Miss Nettle
Miss Nettle's first song
Composer John Kavanaugh

Lyrics Craig Gerber

Performers Megan Mullally
Feature Films Unknown

Television Programs Unknown

Video Games Unknown

Albums Sofia the First: Songs From Enchancia

Preceded by Unknown

Followed by Unknown

"Make Way for Miss Nettle" is a song sung by Miss Nettle in the Disney Junior series Sofia the First in the episode Make Way for Miss Nettle. The song is performed by Megan Mullally who voices Miss Nettle.

Lyrics to the song: Edit

Oh it was many years ago  that I served as your apprentice I worked my wings off everyday  'till my magic grew momentous Yet you never let me look at  your most wonderful possession A secret book of spells  that soon became my sole obsession

'Cause it was such a bore Being fairy number four, You treated me like your old kettle! It'll be far more fun Being fairy number one, So won't you make way for Miss Nettle?

I'm like a pretty rose but be forewarned Mess with Nettle and you will get the thorn I'll be as famous as Maleficent But twenty three times more magnificent! (Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. You're too kind.)

Darlings it was such a bore, Being fairy number four, And now I have a score to settle! It'll be so much fun Being fairy number one, So won't you make way for Miss Nettle?

Everyone make way for Miss Nettle!


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