Background information
Movies The Incredibles
Short Films Unknown
Television Programs Unknown

Video Games Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure

Disney INFINITY series

Voice Elizabeth Peña
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Other names Unknown

Personality Seductive, intelligent, cunning, manipulative, resourceful, technologically skilled
Goal Unknown
Allies Syndrome (formerly), Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash Parr, Violet Parr
Enemies Syndrome, the Omnidroid, Mr. Incredible (formerly)
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Quotes "Next time you gamble, bet your own life!"

"Oh, hello. You must be Mrs. Incredi..." "Say, please."

Mirage is the tertiary antagonist later supporting character in the 2004 Disney and Pixar film The Incredibles and related media. She was voiced by the late Elizabeth Peña.

Personality Edit

Mirage is a calm, decisive femme fatal who thrives upon power, but seems to put her desire for power in check at times, unlike Syndrome, who did not know his limits.

Mirage is an attractive woman with platinum blonde hair, tanned skin, and green eyes; with a penchant for expensive clothes.

At first, Mirage respected Syndrome as her leader, this would later change. Even though she seems to share Syndrome's willingness for casualties and collateral damage- be they supers used in Syndrome's weapons testing or civilians caught in the omnidroid's rampage - she was clearly ill at ease with Syndrome opening fire on Elastigirl's plane when she learned children were aboard. Her taste for calculation and betrayal however reaches its limits when Syndrome uses her as a bargaining chip. It is strongly implied that Mirage and Syndrome may have had some sort of relationship, but this is never confirmed.

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