My Finest Flower
My Finest Flower
Composer Unknown

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Performers Miss Nettle (Megan Mullally)
Feature Films Unknown

Television Programs Sofia the First

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"My Finest Flower" is a song from the Sofia the First episode, The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle. The song is sung by Miss Nettle as she reveals that she was the one who created the Snowdrop. This is the first, and so far only, song that Miss Nettle sings that's not a villian song.

Lyrics Edit

[Miss Nettle: Well, maybe they mean a lot to me. Did you think of that?]

[Sofia]: No, I didn't.]

Miss Nettle:

It's always been a dream of mine
To create the most fabulous flower
I toiled for years in my greenhouse
Till I grew one that showed off my power

This bloom could burst through ice and snow
A sight so thrilling to see
It was gorgeous it was tough
It was exactly like me

My finest flower
A precious work of art
My finest flower
So cold you warmed my heart

[Sofia: I didn't know you created the snowdrop.]

[Miss Nettle: Nobody know. That's the problem.]

It would have been my masterpiece
Such a breath taking floral creation
That rulers from every kingdom
Would have given a standing ovation

But then one day to my dismay
I found my flowers were gone
Not one petal not one seed
I wept and I wept until dawn

[Sofia: The royal gardener of Freezenberg. He was sent to find a flower that would grow through the snow.]

[Miss Nettle: Oh, he found one, all right. And then he took it.]

My finest flower
Was taken in it's prime
My finest flower
Oh what a cold-hearted crime

Every year
They throw a bash
But do they invite me?

No, Ma'am
They have no idea that
I made their dear flower

They don't even know who I am

Video Edit

Sofia The First My Finest Flower Song Disney Junior UK

Sofia The First My Finest Flower Song Disney Junior UK

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