Prince James
Prince James
Background information
Movies Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess

Sofia the First: The Floating Palace

Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy

Short Films Unknown
Television Programs Sofia the First

Video Games Unknown
Voice Zach Callison

Tyler Merna

Julie Dolan (as a baby)

Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Other names Unknown

Personality Easy-going, nice, playful, helpful, mischievous, competitive
Goal Unknown
Allies Prince Zandar, Princess Hildegard, Princess Clio, Jade, Ruby, Minimus, Princess Vivian, Prince Khalid, Princess Maya, Princess Leena, Prince Jin, Princess Jun, Prince Hugo, Lucinda, Marla, Prince Desmond
Enemies Cedric the Sorcerer, Wormwood, Prince Hugo (formerly), Miss Nettle, Lucinda (briefly), Marla (briefly) Sofia the Worst, Mamanu, Princess Ivy, Elliot, Amy and Kurt
Likes The circus, having fun, when Amber is being nice, cannons, kazoo, golden berry pancakes
Dislikes Amber's jealousy, getting in trouble, losing (formerly)
Quotes "I need to talk to my sister alone."

"Boom goes the cannon!"


Prince James is the tritagonist of the Disney Junior series Sofia the First. He is the twin brother of Princess Amber, the older stepbrother of Sofia and the prince of Enchancia. He was originally voiced by Zach Callison until later replaced by Tyler Merna.

Personality Edit

Unlike his sister Amber, James is not at all vain and is very helpful towards Sofia. He is rather easy-going for a prince, sometimes displaying behavior not normally seen in royalty, such as cheering during the flight to school, talking with his mouth full, etc.

He has a normal brother-sister bond with Amber, teasing her that "she wasn't gonna be the fairest in the land" anymore once Sofia came along, but out of good-natured humor, though he recognizes Amber's faults enough to tell her that he likes Sofia better than her (although he was just cross with her). His relationships with the rest of the family, especially with his stepmother Miranda and stepsister Sofia, are very strong, caring and loving, easily accepting them both into his life with little fuss.

However, James does have a bad habit of disobeying rules and trying to cover up his messes so as not to get punished, though when he ruined a stained-glass window and Sofia took the blame for him, he felt guilty and told his parents the truth, showing that he has a sense of honesty. He also tries to avoid responsibility and lacks logic, as shown in "King for a Day", when he avoided the giant problem and gave the maids wheeled shoes to speed up their work, not thinking of the problems that they might have with them. Throughout the remainder of the second season James has shown to have started developing a balance between being responsible and having fun.

At the Tri-Kingdom Picnic, James partnered with Sofia and showed two unbecoming sides of himself: He is very competitive and a bad sport, not taking losing well and bragging about winning so obnoxiously that the other kids, including Sofia, didn't want to play anymore. It was only when Sofia showed him what a good sport is (their father playing to have fun, not so much as to win) did James realize how bad his behavior was. He apologized to the others and they continued the games. He even started to take losing well, personally giving the trophy to the winners Princess Maya and Prince Khalid and displaying no hard feelings, as well as promising to be a good sport from now on.

In "The Big Sleepover", Jade and Ruby seem to have a crush on James. They also show their affection in the movie.

James' best friend is Prince Zandar of Tangu.

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