Roger Radcliffe
Roger Radcliffe
Background information
Movies One Hundred and One Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure Oliver & Company (cameo)

Short Films Unknown
Television Programs 101 Dalmatians: The Series

House of Mouse

Video Games Unknown
Voice Ben Wright (1961)

Bill Lee (singing voice) Jeff Bennett (101 Dalmatians: the Series) Tim Bentinck (sequel)

Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Other names Unknown

Personality Artistic, socially awkward, bashful, clumsy, energetic, creative
Goal Unknown
Allies Anita Radcliffe, Nanny, Pongo, Perdita, the ninety nine puppies
Enemies Cruella De Vil
Likes Music, Anita, his dogs, dancing, sassing Cruella
Dislikes Cruella, being mocked by Cruella about his music, Pongo's mischief, thefts
Quotes "Pongo, boy!"

Roger Radcliffe (or Roger Dearly in the live-action version and TV series) is a character from Disney's 1961 film One Hundred and One Dalmatians and its sequel. Roger is the husband of Anita and owner, best friend, and "pet" to Pongo. He was voiced by Ben Wright in the first film.

Background Edit

At the beginning of the original film, Roger is a bachelor songwriter, who lives in a small bachelor flat with Pongo. He works from home, usually not quitting work until after 5:00, and is described by Pongo as being married to his work. As a songwriter, he is very creative, and can easily write lyrics when given proper inspiration. However, it is only at Pongo's insistence that Roger meets Anita, as Roger would have stayed a bachelor forever according to Pongo.

After his marriage, he is shown to be a kind man who cares for his family, including his pets. Roger is not afraid to stand up against Cruella when his family is involved. A scene near the end of the film shows that he is good at mental math, as he is able to tally up the number of dalmatians fairly easily.

Roger is based on the character of Mr. Dearly from the original book The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith . In the book, Mr. Dearly plays a similar role to Roger, but is a financial wizard rather than a songwriter.

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