Save The Day
Save the Day
Composer Unknown

Lyrics Unknown

Performers Ariel Winter
Feature Films

Television Programs Sofia the First

Video Games Unknown

Albums Unknown

Preceded by It's Up To You

Followed by Genie Rules

"Save The Day" is the song in the Sofia the First episode "The Secret Library". Sung by Sofia, she voices her doubts about her ability to be the storykeeper and in the second half she voices her resolve to do so. But with more encouragement from Merida, Sofia realizes she can save the day.

Lyrics Edit

Sofia: What's that?

Merida: The belief that you can save them yourself.

Sofia: That's just it. I'm still getting used to being a princess. How am I supposed to finish all those stories in the library if I can't even finish this one?


Even though I've just begun

To somehow get these stories done

How can I aim so high

When I've let down everyone?

Now I feel like I'm a fake 

Thinking there must be some mistake

I can't see why she chose me

When I don't have what it takes

Oh can I lead the way?

Make everything okay?

Just how am I supposed to save the day?

And what is there to say

When my chance has flown away

Why'd I think that I could be the one

To save the day?

Merida: You can sing all you want about your doubts. We all have them, but you also have the power to wipe those doubts away. If you believe in yourself and what you can do, just stand tall, and your aim will always be true. You can save your friends, and you know it. So get on with it!

Sofia: You're right, Merida.

Merida: Well, Sofia, what are you waiting for?

I may not know exactly how I'll do it

But I know that I can free them

If I put my heart into it

Oh I can lead the way

Make everything okay

I'm the one who has to save the day

And there's nothing more to say

'Cept up, up and away

Cause I believe that I will be the one

To save the day

Save the day

Save the day

Video Edit

Sofia The First Save The Day Song Disney Junior UK

Sofia The First Save The Day Song Disney Junior UK

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