Second Star to the Right
Peter Pan opening
Composer Sammy Fain

Lyrics Sammy Cahn

Performers The Jud Conlon Chorus

The Mellomen (in Peter Pan)

Jonatha Brooke (in Return to Never Land)

Feature Films Peter Pan

Return to Never Land

Television Programs Unknown

Video Games Unknown

Albums Peter Pan (Original Soundtrack)

Return to Never Land (Original Soundtrack)

Preceded by Unknown

Followed by Unknown

"The Second Star to the Right" is a song in the opening of Walt Disney's 1953 film, Peter Pan. It is sung by an offscreen chorus and refers to the magical entrance to Never Land. It was later shown in the opening of Return to Never Land, sung by Jonatha Brooke.

Lyrics to the song: Edit

The second star to the right

Shines in the night for you

To tell you that the dreams you plan

Really can come true

The second star to the right

Shines with a light so rare

And if it's Never Land you need

It's light will lead you there

Twinkle, twinkle little star

So we'll know where you are

Gleaming in the skies above

Lead us to the love we dream of

And when our journey is through

Each time we say "Goodnight"

We'll thank the little star that shines

The second from the right

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