Sid Phillips
Sid Phillips
Background information
Movies Toy Story

Toy Story 2 (mentioned)

Toy Story 3 (cameo)

Short Films Unknown
Television Programs Unknown

Video Games Toy Story: The Video Game
Voice Erik von Detten
Portrayed by Rachel Fischer (in Toy Story: The Musical)
Character information
Other names Sid

Personality Sadistic, evil, bratty, violent, selfish, nasty, insane, psychopathic, sick, torturous, merciless, mischievous
Goal To destroy toys just for fun (in Toy Story)

To collect people's garbage (in Toy Story 3)

Allies His dog Scud, Hannah Phillips
Enemies Woody, Buzz Lightyear, his mutant toys, Combat Carl, Jessie (in Laugh Factory)
Likes Destroying toys (formerly), arcade games, music, pop tarts
Dislikes Toys, destroying toys (currently)
Quotes (reading label on rocket) "'Extremely dangerous. Keep out of reach of children.' Cool!"

"All right! Double prizes!"

"Let's go home and play."

"The toys! The toys are alive!"

"Yes! He's gone! He's history!"

"She's lying! Whatever she says is not true!"

"Where are your rebel friends now?"

"No one has ever done a "double bypass brain transplant" before!"

Sid Phillips is the main antagonist of Disney/Pixar's 1995 animated feature film Toy Story. He is mentioned by Buzz in Toy Story 2. He also makes a short cameo in Toy Story 3. He is the only known human person who knows toys are alive. He is the first Pixar Villain and he is voiced by Erik von Detten.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Sid is a young, sadistic, bratty and somewhat disturbed 11-year-old skate punk with metal braces, whose idea of fun is terrorizing his little sister, Hannah, by taking her toys away and using them for scary experiments like switching out heads or performing operations on them. He also destroys toys in many ways (exploding, burning, or in his "mad doctor" plays). Though despite this, he may have a lighter side, hinted in his dreams about ponies.

After his toys turned on him, he vowed never to hurt a toy again. Aside from this, Sid remained mostly the same (especially his love of heavy metal), and eventually became a garbage man.

Sid is not a true villain, being that he didn't realize that the toys are really alive when breaking them, but since this movie is in the point of view of toys, he can be considered an antagonist.

Appearances Edit

Toy Story Edit

Sid is Andy's sociopathic 11-year-old neighbor (until the latter moved at the end of the film). Sid was introduced in the beginning of the film as a toy terrorizer when he exploded a Combat Carl with an M-80, with his toy-chewing dog, Scud, by his side. Andy's toys were surprised to see him back at his old habits so soon, assuming he got kicked out of summer camp early this year. Later that day, when Andy and his family went to Pizza Planet, Sid was also there. After playing Whack-an-Alien, the Crane Game caught his attention. After grabbing a Alien, Buzz Lightyear was put in view. He then went after him, getting not only Buzz, but Woody hooked onto his foot as well (Woody tried to save Buzz, but the aliens wouldn't let him).

After skating back home, with his new toys in his backpack, he was immediately greeted by Scud, whom he gave the alien to. Then, seeing his sister Hannah with her Janie Doll, he snatched the toy and ran up to his room, slamming the door in Hannah's face. He then pulled out his Pterodactyl toy as he played doctor for his "double-bypass brain transplant." After putting Pterodactyl's head on Janie Doll's body, he opened up the door and showed Hannah. Scared, she ran off to report to her mother. Sid threw the mutant toy onto the ground and ran after her, claiming that Hannah was lying. With Sid gone, Woody explored his room to search for a way out, but found the door locked and unable to escape. Trying to find another way out, he then discovered that Sid had taken toys apart and assembled them back together in weird combinations, much to Woody's horror.

The next morning, Sid tortured Buzz by spinning him on a drill bit (seen in a deleted scene), and then took Woody and threw him across the floor, pretending to interrogate him. Next, he opened up the window shade to let the sun in. He then took out a magnifying glass and focused the hot beam of light on Woody's forehead, until Sid's mom informed him his Pop-Tarts are ready.

Sid returned to his room later, with a rocket he had ordered in the mail, labeled "The Big One." He intended to blow apart one of his toys with the rocket for his own amusement. Initially, he was to blow up that "wimpy cowboy doll," but he couldn't find him (Woody hid under a milk crate). However, when he stepped on Buzz Lightyear's laser button, which activated the laser light-bulb, he chose to tape the rocket on Buzz, stating that he had always wanted "to blow a spaceman into orbit". Unfortunately for Sid, he was forced to delay the launch due to "adverse weather conditions at the launch site" when a rainstorm hit, giving Woody and Buzz time to reconcile overnight.

While trying to escape, Sid woke up and took Buzz outside to blow him up. Woody and all of the mutant toys planned a way to extract revenge on Sid and help Buzz before Sid destroyed him with the rocket. The toys all appeared out of nowhere and approached Sid, making him increasingly scared. Woody then told Sid to take care of his toys, because they would know if he did not. After seeing Woody come to life in front of his face, Sid screamed and retreated back into the house, frightened that the toys had come alive. Hannah then took pleasure in scaring her brother even more with her dolls after she discovered how scared he was.

Sid's rocket was ultimately utilized by Woody during the move to Andy's new house to help RC, whose batteries had been depleted, back into the moving truck as Woody and Buzz both went skyrocketing, during which Buzz freed himself from the rocket by opening his wings to tear off the tapes that bounded him to the rocket (as for the rocket, it climbed up for a few feet higher before exploding into smithereens).

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