This Fliegel Has Landed
This Fliegel Has Landed
Composer Unknown

Lyrics Unknown

Performers Jessica DiCicco
Feature Films Unknown

Television Programs Sofia the First

Video Games Unknown

Albums Unknown

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"This Fliegel Has Landed" is a song from the Sofia the First episode "The Fliegel Has Landed". Sung by Grotta, she tells Gnarlie about what a Fliegel is and makes herself clear that when she wants something she gets it.

Lyrics Edit

(Grotta: You don't even know what a fliegel is? You must not get out of your cave much. So listen up, little troll, and I'll tell you what I'm all about.)


I don't like the dark

But I live in a cave

A cozy little home is what I crave 

Even if I have to misbehave

Beware, this fliegel has landed

From kingdom to kingdom

I have roamed.

Searching high and low with a fine-tooth comb

Finally found a cave to all my home

Behold, this fliegel has landed

I used to reside under ol' Kaldune

Til they chased me outta town

But this little cave will do just fine 

Once I move a few things around

(Grotta: This place will look great once I do a little decorating, and get a lot of those glowing crystal thingies.)

(Gnarlie: Well, maybe you could ask Chief Knuckles for some.)

(Grotta: Ask? I don't ask, I tell. And I'm telling you to get me some more of the little crystals.)

(Gnarlie: You could be a little nicer about it.)

(Grotta: I could,but I don't have to, 'cause I'm a fliegel!)

Like it or not

I'm here to stay.

So you better do everything I say 

Or there's gonna be a hefty price to pay

Because this fliegel has landed

Oh yeah.

This fliegel has landed

Look out

This fliegel has landed

On you



Sofia the first - This Fliegel Has Landed

Sofia the first - This Fliegel Has Landed

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