Background information
Movies The Emperor's New Groove

Kronk's New Groove

Short Films Unknown
Television Programs Unknown

Video Games Unknown
Voice Eartha Kitt

Grey DeLisle (as a teenager) Candi Milo (currently)

Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Other names Yzma the Cat

Empress Yzma Principal Amzy

Personality Funny, eccentric, selfish, evil, greedy, power-hungry, sarcastic, rude, mysterious, sophisticated, paranoid, murderous, impatient, cruel, deceptive
Goal Unknown
Allies Kronk (formerly), Ramon
Enemies Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk, Chicha, Chaca, Tipo, Yupi, Malina, Merlin
Likes Power, money, plotting against Kuzco
Dislikes Being fired, Kuzco, squirrels, Kronk failing her, Kronk's spinach puffs.
Quotes "It's brilliant, brilliant, brrrrilliant!"

(to Kronk) "To the secret lab!" "Pull the lever, Kronk!" "WRONG LEVER!!!!" "Why do we even have that lever?!" "KUZCO!!!!" "KRO-OO-ONK!!!!!"

Yzma is the main antagonist in Disney's 2000 feature film the Emperor's New Groove, its 2005 sequel and 2006-08 television series.

She was voiced by Eartha Kitt.

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